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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Photo shoot

Here are a few pictures from Myles first photo shoot. Some came out better than others but I think there were a few really good ones. It was fun to watch him move around while not clothed, I even got pooped on while he wasn't in a diaper. The things we do for our kids!

One other thing, I found this quote I really liked by Walt Whitman. "When you give, you give yourself".


angie said...

These pictures turned out really, really well. You'll really cherish these......especially when you remember getting pooped on. ha ha.

Dru said...

He's all wrinkly like an elephant. He looks really long!!
Good pic's

Leslie said...

What a lot of lanugo he has! Very special'll be so glad you have them. What a treasure. (We wish you could be out here this weekend! We'll miss you!)

Kristin said...

love the black and whites. some of these are the ones that didn't post to the web album.