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Monday, November 10, 2014

Insult to injury

Saturday started as any other day.  We started out picking up a dear friend and heading out to Ikea.  We were going to let the kids play in the small land while we enjoyed some time looking around.  We parked the car got out and took the escalators upstairs.  Well almost.  We didn't even get to the top before I heard Myles crying.  He had fallen on the steps and impaled his knee in the metal teeth.  It.was.a.gusher.  That sucker bled like nobody's business.  So back to the car and off to instacare to see if we needed stitches.  It was deep, but more than that it was right on the bending part of the knee.  I just wasn't sure...  after sitting in the waiting room for two hours we were sent home without stitches.  Argggg.  Myles was happy to leave without.  I was happy just to leave.  He was brave and put on a good face even when I know he was hurting. 

Fast forward to Monday night.  While visiting our same friend the kids were on her porch swing.  No big deal till they swing too high and reach too far.  Both the girls toppled off and landed face down on the cement.   Poor Lydia got the worst of it.  Both her bottom and top lip were cut as well as her gum turning bight purple.  I will have to assess again in the morning to see if that tooth is going to have a problem or not.  Stay tooned...and let's hope that accidents don't come in groups of three.


Leslie said...

Ow!! YES, let's hope not!

Kristin said...

Oh poor Lyds!! She looks like she's been in a brawl.

Melissa said...

Oh man that's horrible.