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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween 2013

It's almost Halloween again and I'm always amazed at how fast the year has gone.  The really bad part is that the rest of the year goes even faster than the first half!

We had our ward annual Trunk-or-treat on Monday night.  It's a really fun night for the kids.  Everyone is there in costume, even most adults.  This year I chose to have us all be Legos.  It was simple and fun and lets be honest, INEXPENSIVE.

The only problem is that sitting down to eat was a little hard for the kids.  Oh well.  It was only for one night.


Melissa said...


Kristin said...

So cute. Did you make those? How did you get the Lego logo on it?

Leslie said...

I saw something on Pinterest like this and considered it for one of the twins (or both), but we just didn't even have the time for that! How DID you get the logo on the cups?

Angela said...

OH how darling, your amazing!