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Friday, October 11, 2013

Bubba turns 6!

Myles turned six on the 1st of October.  It was a low key day for the most part.  He had school and then we had our friends the Terrill's over for homemade pizza, cake and ice cream.

Myles was blessed with many gifts from all of you.  Thanks for remembering his special day.  He loved all of his gifts and is still in the planning stages of spending the rest of the cash that he was given.

I mad him a pirate ship cake for the event and as the night went on it became a ship wreck cake.  I guess the heat was too much for it and it split right into two.  Tears where shed, but I think it was still cute, even as a wreck!


Melissa said...

Happy birthday to the sweet boy. Brooke that cake is amazing. You did such a great job. It looks so yummy.

Kristin said...

I LOVE that cake! It's awesome! Even split in half! This is a family of cake makers, minus me! Happy Birthday Myles! Hope it was a great day!

Leslie said...

I made that same cake twice for Pirate parties, Family fun? Turned out cute, and I think the ship going down is quite cute too. Too bad you're not closer, I've a few things/ideas from my pirate parties that friends have borrowed on occasion for "pirate" themed parties. I hope he had a good day! He's such a great kid.