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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lake Powell

We just returned from a fun family trip to Lake Powell.  It had been almost ten years since my last visit, so there were a lot of changes.  Change #1, the landscape.  It changes from yr. to yr. due to the water needs of So. Calif.  This year was the lowest I had ever seen it.  Change#2, I now have 3 kids and a spouse in the equation.  And I might add that those kids are not swimmers, but sinkers.  Change #3,  a new houseboat.  This boat is 10 feet longer and about 5 feet wider than the old boat and has 4 bedrooms.  Thus allowing us to comfortabl

y house 29 people for the entire week.  We had great fun, food, and family togetherness.  I was having  so much fun I forgot to take many photos.  Here are the limited few I did take.


Melissa said...

It was a great week.

Leslie said...

I need a copy of that picture of your parents. The pics are so small, I had to get squinty to see them. Did I you get access to my pics on "Flickr"? There was a good photo of Miles there, and one of Bjorn sleeping with his book on the top deck. Fun times. Hope you made it home okay :-/

Angela Larsen said...

oh looked so fun love the pictures!!