Motherhood = going crazy one day at a time!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Audrey: "mom can we eat lunch outside in the garage?"

Me: "yes"

Audrey: "OK, I'm going to tell the others."

Audrey: "Hey "others", we can eat in the garage!"

Sometimes it's just the little things that brighten my days.  I have to remember to "take time to smell the roses."


Melissa said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa a post.
Thanks for your kind words. I hope you're still losing so you can continue to pass down your clothes to me girlfriend............

Kristin said...

LOL. So funny. Why do they eat in the garage? Is that the playroom?

Anonymous said...
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Leslie said...

Love the days of those imaginary friends. My boys loved to eat on the deck, or the front porch, or anyplace really other than the table. Cute!