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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Myles' isms

Mom, Honestly!

When Yoda was barking at traffic in front of the house he yelled, "Yoda- RELAX."

When questioned about what was hooked to his pants (carabiniere) he replied, "It's a hooker, see it goes in and out, in, out, in, out."

On our way to Disneyland we have to travel a section of the 5 freeway. It's always congested and slow. It's still the fastest way to get to Disneyland, but Myles hates it. He asked where we were going and why it was taking so long. I told him it was because we were on the 5 freeway and there was traffic. He then turned to me and said, "Mom, the 5 SUCKS". Now whenever we get on the freeway he wants to know if we are going on the 5, because it sucks!
More to come...


Leslie said...

Oh boy, a hooker. Wait till you're in the store and he says that to a stranger! *SNICKER*

Kristin said...

traffic does SUCK! he's right. He learns quick!