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Friday, August 5, 2011

Silly Myles

Posted by PicasaMyles and I had a "date" on Tuesday evening. A co-worker of Bjorn's gave us some great tickets to the Barnum and Bailey Circus that is in town. As we were walking into the arena I said: "do you want to hold hands?" He said: "Why mom?" and I said: "Because we are on a date and that's what you do." He said: "Sure mom, I'd love to." Then he said: "I think we should bring dad on our date next time."

We watched the whole circus and had a great time. I asked him the following day what his favorite part of the circus was and he said: "when the lady pushed the button to get your Coke into your cup." Translation, when we went to get snacks I got a Coke from the bar because the line was much shorter than the other food lines. So the bar tender had a soda fountain that was handheld. She pushed one button for the Coke to come out and he thought that was the best things since sliced bread. The things he says make me laugh all the time. I think he's going to have such a dry sense of humor. It sure is funny to watch their little personalities unfold before you.


Melissa said...

I think I'm going to ask for a date to the circus.
I love the circus.
Did you get any pic's?

Kristin said...

If you'd only known that a trip to your local bar would be just as exciting, you could have skipped the whole circus!