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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dodd Family Reunion 2011

Our family reunion was held in Solvang, California this year. It was attended by about 50 members of the Dodd family, with Thora having most of her children and grandchildren there. We visited Legoland with Andrew and Lydia and their children just a few days before the reunion started and then we headed north for the big gathering. Her is Myles on the nights joust ride.
All my monkeys sitting atop the camel in Legoland. It appears harder that I thought to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time. Who knew?!

Maggie on the knights ride.
Lydia the "little Angel".
Myles the "Biggest Angel".
Here we are with Tommy, Carolyn, Aunt Kalite and Uncle Byron.
My very first picture of Audrey and Lydia on the slide together. I have so few pictures of the two of them together looking in the same direction.
Aunt Kalite playing cars in the sand with Myles. He was in total heaven to have someone give him so much attention.
Katharine Driving her Volvo at Legoland.
Myles and Daddy going on the big slide. Myles first attempt at the slide was without his sack, and it didn't go over so well with the employee's of the park. Oh well, better luck next time. He must have gone on this ride about ten times in a row.
The wild and crazy ride with all the kids. It was quite funny to see all of us riding this bike.
The rest of the "Crazy Danes" on bikes. We had a total of 5 bikes for everyone. The largest of the bikes held 11 people.
Esther, Wyatt and their kids.
Andrew, Lydia and kids, along with Heather and Adam and kids.
All the cuzzies.
Mommy, Myles and Audrey who never got off my lap to get into the water.
Audrey, Lydia and I sitting on the rock and cooling our feet on a hot day.
A cold day on Gaviota State beach. We found lots of great big sea shells and I had a great time "hunting" for them. Audrey was her honery self that morning. Lydia just had fun walking up and down the beach with her little bag. Myles just kept up with me and would hold all the fun shells I found. While adding his own collection of rocks along the way.
Lydia looking like quite a little girl and not a baby any longer. It was fun to see everyone!
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Melissa said...

It looks like it was a lot of fun.

Kristin said...

Those bikes are AWESOME! I wish we had one! We could drive to the store in that baby!

So just Bjorn and Kalita showed? I didn't know you had Dodd family reunions.

Legoland is awesome for littles. I don't know why you'd go to Disneyland when Legoland is an option! Oh wait-- it's farther away isn't it?

Angela said...

Look at all these photos, I just love it! You got some great pictures of the kids. They are so cute!
Glad you got out to reunion this year. WHen are you coming home?? Miss ya.