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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tour of California 2011

This was us waiting for the riders to come past us. It was a good thing we didn't have to wait too long there as there was only the sidewalk and then the road. The girls didn't want to sit in their chairs and kept walking into the street. See the look on Bjorn's face, what a nightmare to keep them all in their chairs. There is the ring leader herself right in front, Miss Audrey.

We had a great time seeing all the riders and even scored a water bottle from one of the riders who was off loading it as he past our section. Having a friend who lives right across the street of this stage was really nice. We stayed in her home till about 10 min. before they got there and then ran across the street to check it all out.
The only thing about seeing it live is that you don't know who is in front, who just passed you, or how well your team is doing. It's not the same as having Paul Sherwin and Phil Liggiot in your ear, but a fun day non the less.
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Kristin said...

That's fun? With 3 toddlers? You must be insane. When did you get to be such a sports fanatic? Must be Bjorn's influence...