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Friday, November 5, 2010

Hector the collector

Who couldn't love a face like that! It's the little things in life that makes Myles so happy. For example driving bumper cars at California Adventure, or hoarding _________(you fill in the blank), or getting to feed little bits of crackers to his sisters. He is so animated and smilie all the time. He really is a great kid. We just visited the Dr. for his three year check up. He's officially the size of an average 5 year old. He weighed in at 43 lbs. and 43 1/4 inches tall. He wears a size 11.5 shoe and 4T pants are becoming floods, time to dig out the 5's. I can't believe how big my bubba is getting. He's such a good boy and since he has started to talk more he's become much more of a ham. He's always saying things like "that's good mommy", or "remember" when he recalls something from long ago, which he does all the time. He loves to car seat dance when the music is loud, and he loves it when he can get the girls to "dance" too. He's a caring boy who is usually very polite. He tries hard to say "please" and "thank you", and he's gotten really good at saying "sorry" too. I guess when you are three it's hard to always be nice to your sisters. He must feel out numbered at times. The only guy in the house until 5:30 pm each night. Myles loves watching movies, and has the Johnson knack for repeating lines from the shows. Although he's a giant I have to remind myself that he's still a little guy and he's only 3. I expect a lot of him, and he generally delivers. I love, love, love my little bubba!


Melissa said...

Come on now your brother isn't a Johnson and he goes around quoting movies all the time, give the Nakaya's some credit!

I can't believe how big Myles is!
That's crazy.
Masaru's in size 8 church shirts though and at LEAST size 6 pants!

It'll be good to hear him talking at Christmas.

Kristin said...

That'd be a genetic miracle if he got the Johnson genes! lol.

He is a sweet heart, I'm so glad we got to spend time w/ him, he's really come out of his shell.

Angela said...

So sweet our little man. He really is a great kid. YOur great parents to him.