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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Disneyland Vacation 2010

Minnie Mouse and the sleepy girls
Donald Duck and Mylo
Buzz and Myles
The very tired girls, including the momma!
The magical land of Disney. We had such a wonderful trip this summer. It included 4 days in the parks, great food on Downtown Disney, and inside the park. We loved the hotel and Myles even started "pooping" in the potty there. It was a great mini vacation. It's nice to be able to come back for an afternoon nap, or sleep in a little and still get there when they open. It's fun to be able to walk back to your bed at night, no drive back home. It truly is a MAGICAL place.


Melissa said...

Sounds like that's the way to do it, right time, right place.
Great shots.
Do you get help putting the twins on you like that?
Or can you jimmy that all up by yourself?

Kristin said...

CUTE pictures. I'm so glad you(I) found them!

I think having a room there would make it so much better! Maybe next time.

beautifuldey said...

So I've never thought of carrying the babies one front/one back. Not that I could right now anyway, but man they're getting big and heavy. What a workout!

Glad you had fun...and found your pictures too.