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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bubba turns 3

(Notice how dark it is outside, well that's because it's only 6:15AM. Myles gets up early these days because he needs to pee. Joy!)

Happy Birthday Bubba! Friday was his actual birthday so we spent the morning opening a few gifts from family and then had Mickey Mouse pancakes(which he didn't eat, instead he ate raw oatmeal). Bjorn went off to work, while I loaded up the kids and went to the local bakery. Myles picked out two cupcakes, one with pink sprinkles and one with purple. We sat outside the bakery eating our treats and then drove back home. After lunch we all piled into the car and headed to Disneyland where Myles would be getting his season pass since he is now 3. We had a great time there. We finally made it on the "Small World" boat ride, a hit with all the kids, and the parents especially because it was air conditioned!
We hit the usual rides, autopia, dumbo, tea cups, the little train, the merry go round, and toon town. We ate dinner while watching the Jedi night training and had a grand time.
We arrived back home by around 8:30 with all three kids passed out in the back seat! A perfect day for the little bubba. The next morning, Saturday, he got his present from mom and dad, a motorized Jeep, which he loves to drive and give his sisters a ride in. He's getting really good at steering and is careful not to run into things most of the time. The Jeep going to be hours of entertainment for him and the girls.(pictures to follow)


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to cute little Myles.

Glad it was special.
I still can't believe he's three already.

Kristin said...

Disneyland on your birthday? Sounds like kid heaven to me!

Leslie said...

Power Wheels Jeep, Best toy we ever invested in! Glad it was such a good day...our gift was undoubtedly late since I only got the chance to mail it the day before...sorry!

angie said...

What a fun way to spend one's 3rd birthday. Happy Birthday, Myles!

Adventures of Natalie and Shane said...

Happy birthday Myles!!!
(p.s. Shane wakes me up at 6 because he needs to go poop)

Angela said...

Oh How did he turn 3 allready. Happy Birthday little man. We sure love you.