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Monday, August 2, 2010

Single mom vacation

My hat is off to all your single parents. I don't know how you do it. I've just returned home from a two week trip where I was single parenting most of the time. It's no fun and it also made me realize how lucky I am to have my husband help so much. Don't get me wrong, my mom was there and she is an amazing grandma, but as for the other parent that I'm used to having after working hours, I was on my own.

We traveled to Utah for a two stay while Bjorn was really crazy busy with work. We wouldn't get to see him much at home, so we took off for a bit. It was a full trip packed with lots of cuzzies, grandma and Papa, Aunties, and Uncles and lots of Utah fun.

We drove all night Thursday night thinking that the kids would sleep most of the way and it would be a great way for them to travel the long distance. Well, they didn't sleep. Lydia slept the longest and that was for only two hours. They didn't cry or fight, they just didn't sleep. They watched movies, ate and just sat there looking like they would really like to sleep, but they never did. We arrived at 8:30 am in Bountiful just ready to crawl into bed. Not so fast. The roof was being removed and we were sleeping right under it. Then the machines in the backyard were going. Not the best way to start off the trip, but fortunately Bjorn and Myles and the girls were so tiered they slept right through it. I choose to stay up and get the car unpacked along with all the other things that needed doing. I also ran our errands for the day and was home when the kids got up from their naps. Bjorn left early Saturday morning.

Our fun filled time was full of activity. We went swimming to the Bountiful Rec Center. It's a great new facility full of pools, splash pads, a water slide, lazy river and more. This is the day the camera went for a swim so this is the only day I have photos of anything. The kids loved it. Well lets just say Myles was crying when i made him get in and crying when I made him get out for us to leave.
We also visited Snowbird resort for an alpine slide, bungee trampoline bouncing, rock climbing, tram riding, bounce house bouncing, bull riding, chair lift riding, and ice cream eating. It was a great fun day with Leslie and Seth and Tate.

We were in town for the 24th of July Parade and carnival. It's always a hit with the kids. They love the parade and the get lots of candy. The carnival has all kinds of good junk food to eat and fun little rides for the kids. Myles wandered off during the parade, I had to go retrieve him from the announcers stand. He was really "scared", but no worse for the ware. He stuck close by after that. All this was followed by fire works at the Jr. High, visible from Ryan's front lawn.
Mom and I took the kids to do some shopping at the outlet mall in Park City. I love the stores there and its always cooler than in the city.

We got to see our good friends Mary and Jack and their two boys as well as Kate and her two boys and Elisabeth. We had a great pizza dinner in the park and the boys all got to feed the ducks and eat popsicles.

I got to have lunch with three of my Kindergarten friends. That was a highlight for me.

More shopping at Kid to Kid in Bountiful. I have a small addiction to that store.

Lagoon was a highlight for Myles. He loved all the rides and it's where he discovered that his floating ring does really hold him out of the water. It's funny he took so long to discover this. He loved it so much he was drug kicking and screaming from the water. Good thing we did the water park too, it cooled up all off and the rest of the night was great. All the kids were great, even the girls who didn't get to ride anything except the train.

We went to the South town expo center to view the floats that were going to be in the "Days of 47" parade on the 24th of July. It's fun to see them up close and be able to see all the details and time that goes into working on these big floats. This was followed by lunch at McDonald's where Myles had a total and complete melt down. Good times, Good times...

And what trip would be complete without a visit to the local E.R. Audrey ran a really high fever for a few days and had a seizure one night so she spent the morning in Primary Children's Medical Center Emergency Room. This tag is the only picture I got of her. I should have captured her sad eyes. She was really pathetic looking.
There were lots of late nights for me as I was catching up on all my Tour de France watching at night over to Ryan's house. It's always a good time when we go to visit family. Thanks for a great stay everyone.

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What a whirlwind adventure!
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