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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Prizes, treats, and stickers...10$
20 pair "big boy" underwear...20$
Mommy, pee pee's...PRICELESS

We started potty training Myles on Friday morning. We had 8 small dribbles friday, woke up dry from nap, but wet from night sleep. Saturday we had one small dribble, one poop in pants, woke up dry from long nap, and dry from night sleep. Sunday we haven't had any accidents, large or small yet today. It's 2:30 and he just went down for a nap. Cross your finders that he's got this thing down. So far, so good. Yea, Myles, way to go buddy!


Melissa said...

Sounds like he's doing better than Yuki, who's been trained and has now decided against it.

Kristin said...

I don't know.... it sounds like it's going a little too well... it shouldn't be this easy... lol.

but for your sake, I'm crossing my fingers!

Darci said...

Go Myles! Sounds like he is really ready. I am afraid to try again with Max. He just doesn't seem bothered by wearing a diaper. He's in preschool now so you'd think he'd see all the big kids without diapers and want to be the same but no, he's content with the diaper still. They don't push it here as much as they do in the states so it could be awhile for Max! Good luck with Myles even though it sounds like you don't need it!

Anonymous said...

I like the underwear.