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Friday, June 4, 2010

Decisions, decisions

I tried to get a shower today. It's always a toss up when the kids are awake. Either ignore them for a while and get a shower, or wait and hope that all THREE kids will SLEEP at the SAME time at SOME point during the day. Today I brave it and take the shower I most desperately needed. Not just because I'm dirty, but for my sanity. I just needed 5 min where no one was pulling, kicking, pinching, sitting, walking or otherwise abusing me. Myles was already in bed and I thought the girls could just play downstairs while I ran and took a 5 min. shower. Lydia, who is now crawling quite well, will follow me up the stairs so I remember to put up the gate to stop her dead in her tracks. Then I open the toy bins and pull a few favorite toys out. This ought to be enough for my short shower.

The shower part went well, without incident.
I come walking down the hall and make a stop to put Myles back into bed. He was just opening his door to come out as I walked by. I peer over the railing to see the girls playing quite well on the floor down below. Okay, not bad. Shower accomplished.

I walked down the stairs and saw Audrey sitting right next to the TV cabinet. Odd, but okay. I walk outside to water the grass and the plants and come back in. I find Audrey now lying on her belly in the middle of the rug with the entire bottom half of her shirt covered in POOP! AHHHHHHHH...where do I even begin... FIRST, get Lydia out of the way. She comes over to investigate and "help" as soon as she sees me interested. I put her into the high chair so she is contained. Then I go get a plastic bag and some wipes, about a box full, and the poop mat. Then I start peeling off the clothes. At this point you know she is just going to need a bath. It's REALLY bad. I think I'm almost done when I look over at the TV where she was sitting when I first came down. Well there is poop all over the front of the cabinet. I'm talking everywhere. Upon further investigation it's all over the rug and the toys they have been playing with too. I'm now in for some major cleaning and disinfecting. Where to start! SECOND, get the dog into the garage. Poop is right up his alley and he would be all too happy to "help" clean it up. I get the girls into the tub, then down for a nap. Then it's on to the cleaning. THIRD, gather up all the toys and get them into the bleach. Then hit the rug with carpet cleaner and get all the poop out of the crevice' on the TV cabinet. All in all it's about a 45 min. which doesn't include soaking and washing the clothes of two very dirty little girls. Man... who knew that ONE little girl could produce SO MUCH POOP!

The worst part of the whole thing, no camera, Bjorn took it to work today so he could show a friend some pictures of the kids. Bummer. Oh well, sometimes your imagination works just as well. Just picture mustard yellow poop all over said children, the TV cabinet, rug, toys, etc.

Isn't being a mommy a GLAMOUROUS job! I need a RAISE is all I have to say.


Kristin said...

gaaaarooosss! ew ew and ew.

Melissa said...

Yeah man that blows big time.
I remember my first REAL BAD poop deal, I cried for a few minutes, then got to work.

angie said...

You need to teach her not to do that. :)