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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Daddy Shoes

A few months ago I was looking for summer shoes for Myles. His feet are getting so big and it seems I am constantly looking for new shoes. Anyway, I found these cute little black and white Adidas slides for a great deal at Burlington Coat Factory. I thought they could be cute because they are similar to those that Bjorn has. I didn't know if Myles would wear them however, he has a hard time walking in flip flops and opts not to wear them much. I brought them home and he took one look and them and said "daddy shoes." From that moment on it's all he wants to wear(with the occasional wellies mixed in). I even think that while I was out of town he wore them to church because Bjorn didn't want the fight to get them off his feet while trying to get three kids to church on time by himself. What a good dad for taking three very small kids to church by himself in the first place( my friends all commented the following week that they thought if funny that Bjorn let Myles wear the sandals to church). I'm just glad he can get them on by himself! We love the "Daddy Shoes"!


Kristin said...

LOL. His shoes are almost as big as Bjorns!
I can't believe he took them to church at all. Chris totally would have played hookey.

Melissa said...

His feet are huge man.
It's funny cause your feet and Bjorn's aren't.
I wonder if he'll be gigantic or slow down a bit? Only time will tell.
I'm with you and Kristin, Bjorn is a great man to tackle that.
It's funny though cause we would without a blink but for some reason men have to think a bit before they tackle the kids by themselves LOL