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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Master Bathroom
Garage door from the dining room
Living room looking from the kitchen, this room is two story and you can see a catwalk from the stairs to all the bedrooms.
Hallway and front door looking from the living room
Dining room with new table. We still need more chairs, they are on order.

Front of the house.
So by popular demand I am posting some pictures of the house(in no particular order). I'm not at all ready to do this, but I guess I will never be ready. We bought this 1400 sq. foot home with 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, and 2 car garage. We bought the home right before the holiday and then we left town three days after moving in.

I still have a long list of things to do to finish the house, but they will have to wait till I have some time. I need to find frames so we can hang photos up the stairs, plus I still need to sew the drapes in the Master bedroom. I need to get fabric for the kids shower curtain, and hand something on the wall. I need to paint the mirror for the girls room and finish their quilts. I also need to hang up Myles airplanes and cloud sconce. I just don't know if all his furniture is staying in the same location as we are still waiting to relocate a dresser to his room. When we get our dresser he will get our old one. Then when I get it all in the room I will hang things on the wall. Eight weeks is seeming like a long time. I just can't wait till we get that dresser and the chair. All in time I guess.

So what do you think?


Melissa said...

Wow Brooke. It's beautiful.
I love it.

Kristin said...

It's gorgeous. You've done a great job decorating so far. When you finish all your projects, would you come do mine? I have no desire to decorate anymore....

Leslie said...

It looks lovely Brooke, can't wait to see it someday in person. Maybe by then you'll have all your "projects" done :) Don't feel bad, we're coming up on six years and still don't have all the projects done...I figure it'll happen the month before we decide to sell the house!

angie said...

It looks so great, Brooke. I love your table and kitchen rug.

Now, am I going to get an invitation to see the transformation in real life? :)

beautifuldey said...

I love it, it's beautiful. Please post more pictures so that I can copy your decorating ideas!