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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Audrey and Lydia got these cute shirts from their Grandma and Grandpa Dodd. We had to get pictures in them right away because they are almost too small.
Two going on twenty. Myles loves to drive the car and he's always careful to put his seat belt on.
Myles finally is interested in his sisters. He asks to hold them all the time. It's usually not that successful, but it's important that he cares about them at all.
BUSTED! Myles was in his room taking a nap, or was he. I came into the room because I heard a big crash, it was the toys all hitting the ground. Well we've come a long way because now he doesn't nap at all. We don't even pretend to nap. It just doesn't happen. It was a very sad day for me. Now we just have "quiet" time. I don't care what he does as long as he does it in his room!

On another note, we are all doing well. The kids are all healthy now and everyone seems to be loving the extra space at the new house. The kids are growing like weeds and we continue to work on getting the house put together. Weekends come and go TOO fast. We never seem to get enough done.


Melissa said...

Could Myles be any cuter?
Gosh he could cover kids magazines all over the nation.
Sorry about no nap.
That just blows.

Kristin said...

Way cute tee shirts!
It sucks when the naps stop. Quiet time is an excellent substitute though.

Darci said...

Your kids are too cute, Brooke! The girls look so big. Myles is early with dropping the naps-poor you! Max still needs it-Thank God!