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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A day at the Zoo

Sorry these pictures are in no particular order. I can't figure out how to use my Mac. I can't drag the pictures where I want them. Sometime soon I will sit and really figure this computer out!

In October we went to the Zoo. The line to buy tickets was incredibly long and I just didn't want to wait in it with three little kids. There was a kiosk in front of the entrance gate that read "Zoo Memberships". I stopped to inquire about it and found that not only did I not have to wait in the huge line, I could get a family pass for the price of two visits to the zoo. I was all over that. We got the pass and just like that we walked into the zoo as "members". That day was a great one, and we have had many others too. I took the kids to the zoo today because the weather was just beautiful. The weather was in the low 60's and the sky was filled with beautiful white fluffy clouds. We arrive early and leave as soon as the first signs of "melt down" occur. It's great having passes because I NEVER feel bad about leaving. If we paid to get in every time I would push to stay the whole day. In the winter you can get to the zoo in the A.M. and have the whole place to yourself. We didn't have a problem pulling right up to each of the exhibits, and if you have seen our stroller you know how much room we take up! It was wonderful. We got to see almost every animal out today. The kids were great, the weather was beautiful, and the animals were all cooperative. I also really love the ride home while everyone takes a nap as soon as they are buckled into their car seats! Pure quite time to myself. It almost makes me wish the zoo was farther away than just the short 20 min. drive. Take a look at our photos and see what you think


Melissa said...

Wow REALLY GOOD pictures Brooke.
Well done.
Yeah good idea with the passes.
Masaru just talked about the zoo the other day and how he went with you.
It's crazy what this kid remembers.

Kristin said...

ah! but now that you have a garage, you can just pull in, roll down the windows and the garage door and leave them there. Luke used to sleep in the car for hours.

you can just cut the picture and paste it back in where you want it, after they all load.

Leslie said...

You get your exercise pushing that baby around! Also, a lot of the zoo passes are reciprocal, so if you come here, the Hogle Zoo might reciprocate with LA and then you could visit a different zoo without paying extra. There is a list of reciprocal zoo's somewhere.

Darci said...

We bought a year pass to the Copenhagen Zoo this summer and went 3 times so it's so worth it! You are a brave woman for taking 3 little kids to the zoo! I'm jealous of your weather! It's too cold here to do anything outside!! Great pictures!

Angela said...

Great photos Brooke, I am so impressed!!!

Somer said...

Hi Brooke! I can't believe how big your kids are! They are all so beautiful. What a gorgeous house too. Thinking of you.
love, Somer