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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Snow in September in So. Cal

This is my freshly washed car now covered in snow/ash

I woke up today thinking it was a really nice cloudy overcast day. Well, not so. It is cloudy, but not the kind of clouds you are thinking of. They are of the kind that are big and gray and full of ash. The fire in La Canada( about 20 miles away) is putting out all kinds of ash into our air. I was all excited to take the kids for a walk, but with it raining ash. I looked at the car and wondered, "did it snow." It doesn't snow in So. Cal but every 20 years or so. No, this isn't snow, it's lot's and lot's of ash. I think we will wait for a better day to take a walk.


Melissa said...

OH that's just wrong man. Bummer. I'd hate the have to stay inside cause of ash and soot.

Kristin said...

and after you soaked the kids for that clean car... you should just give up. we never wash our car. LOL.