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Friday, April 24, 2009

Is that a foot?!

So I guess the last picture of my feet didn't quite show how swollen they are getting. I think you can tell from this one that my feet are no longer my feet, rather tree trunks that end into bear paws! I almost can't even bend my toes they are so fat. Man, who knew they could get this way. This photo was taken at 9am, and by tonight they will look worse. I guess it's time to get these little girlie's here. My feet may explode otherwise!
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Melissa said...

Wow, that really is bad.
Poor you, poor feet.
Sorry man.
My feet were like that after that Milford walk in NZ.
It really did feel like they were gonna explode.

angie said...

I think someone last night thought I was offending you when I commented that your feet/ankles were WAY more swollen than when I saw you last week b/c she was quick to say how great you look. You do look great.......but holey cow, the swelling is unmistakable. How did your appointment go today?

angie said...

BTW, your shower was so nice last night. Angela seems like a really great friend and your moms words were so touching. I almost full out sobbed when she read the part about the sweet spirits you are carrying. I'm so happy for you Brooke.....remember, I'm always around.....always here for you......I would love to help.

Leslie said...

Hang in there Brooke. I know its miserable. I assume since I didn't hear back from you that your B/P went down while on strict "bedrest?" Hope so. We're thinking about you.