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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A little of this and that

OK so how much would I give to get to the point of having the babies in my arms RIGHT NOW! It's only 5:48AM, but I've been up most of the night and it's starting to really get to me. I had insomnia when I was pregnant with Myles, but this is getting a little ridiculous. I haven't had a good night's rest in I can't tell you how long. At least with Myles there wasn't anything going on, I just couldn't sleep. With these girls it's I feel like I can't breath when I lay down. So you say, sit up. Well then my legs fall asleep. It's really just a cruel cycle that I keep spinning. I really don't know what to do.

So for now I will finish making St. Pat's Day treats for our friends and hope that that passes some time. Only problem is that when I'm really beyond tiered and would get come sleep Myles will be up and ready for the day to begin. I now covet his naps far more than he does. I just wish they would be a little bit longer. What I should really be doing is the girls crib sets. I've done the bumpers, but not the quilts, and yes, now I have to make two so I really need to get going on that. I just need to sit down and make myself do it. It's hard however when I get interruptions. I need the creative juices to just keep flowing or I loose interest. This is the first sewing project I have done since making Yuki's quilt 10 days before I delivered Myles. Can you say sewers block!

BTW-My good little eater has returned after being sick for two weeks. He still sounds terrible at night but I make him sleep with the humidifier on and that helps. We are over the runny nose and most of the unpleasant disposition. On Sunday he ate an entire chicken breast for lunch and a piece of fish, veggies, and fruit for dinner. Yea- now if I can only convince him that it's O.K. if mommy still feeds him life would be great. He now has to have his own utensils and he wants to do it himself.

Thanks for the Pork Loin recipe Leslie- it was a hit with both Myles and Bjorn. Can't remember the last time I got a comment on a great dinner. Guess that means I need all new ideas. Cooking is hard for me. I'm not the really adventurous type. And to be honest food just isn't that appealing right now. I can't eat a lot in a setting so why go to all the effort of making an elaborate meal when you don't even enjoy it.

And lastly, what are your thoughts on baby showers for second/third children? Well here is the deal. My girlfriends here in Monrovia are giving me one, and I am very grateful for it because I am going to need a ton of things. Here is my question. Do I register for the girls? I really need LOTS of diapers, and I'm picky about the ones that I like. I love Pampers Swaddlers. I wish they made them for the big kids too. The biggest size is a 2-3 split and that didn't get Myles very far. He's been in a 5 for about a year now. Anyway without registering how do you tactfully say the only kind of diapers I would like are swaddlers? And while I'm on the subject of diapers- anyone with a good suggestion for night time diapers. Myles often leaks out. Now I know he is a good sleeper 12-14 hour nights, but I think that he would sleep even longer if he wasn't all wet! I've tried bigger size for night. No luck, I tried good nights, no luck. I wanted to try diaper doubler's, they don't make them anymore. Unless they are adult size. Any ideas?!
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Melissa said...

Good luck with everything. Sorry you're not sleeping well. That blows.
I'm glad Myles is eating.
I guess asking for a quilt for Masaru and this boy is out of the question LOL

angie said...

Do you have a recliner that rocks? If not, you need to get one. You're going to need one when the girls come. I would definitely register. And, you definitely need a shower for the girls. For one. They are a different gender and TWO , there are TWO.

angie said...

Oh......the point about the start sleeping in.

Leslie said...

I'm glad you liked the recipe. In my opinion, food is always better when someone else cooks it. I would have showers and I would register...can't you register for a specific type of diaper? Do you want to have a shower here at some point? I don't know when you will be here but... I haven't any idea on the night time diaper thing. Sorry.

Kristin said...

Yes to the shower. No to the diaper request. You can always take back diapers and exchange them. Pampers are the most expensive brand, I think it's rude to tell people that's all you'll use. How about sticking a super absorbant maxi pad in his diaper? May last a little longer. Sorry about the insomnia. I was up at 5 am working on my garden with Ella. It sucks. Sleeping pills? This is my friends recipe blog. She's the best cook, and everything has a picture. Super yummy food.

Nakaya Adventures said...

I have the leaking diaper problem too, at least half the time. I also tired a size bigger, and I tried the Huggies Overnites--both were a little better, but didn't really solve the problem.
On the food thing: Shane suddenly started having a fit every time I tried to put him in his high chair and feed him--as soon as I switched him to a booster and just let him feed himself he was much happier (and messier).

Darci said...

I hear you, Brooke, and I'm only carrying one! I don't think I can take another 6 weeks of leg cramps, sleepless nights and a constant sore back! As far as the shower goes- I say ask for everything! Ask for the diapers you want and if people don't want to buy them then so be it! Hope you get a little rest before the girls arrive!

Angela said...

Sorry your still not sleeping well.
Try putting a supper strength maxi in his diaper. LOL!