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Friday, July 11, 2008

He's got it down

Myles has really got the hang of the jumper at Grandma's house. He spent a lot of time in it this past week. He loves to jump in it as long as you are there to watch. He jumped soooo much that he even got a blister on the bottom of his big toe!
P.S.-I can't figure out how to rotate video footage? Anyone???
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Melissa said...

Wow that is really cool.
I'm not sure how to rotate video.

Kristin said...

cute. reminds me of Ella. she was a pro jumper too. to rotate the vid, before you upload it, right click on it, and rotate clockwise. then upload. same as photos.

Brooke said...

You mean I have to start all over again. Do you know how long it takes to upload video?

Laura said...

Poor little big toe... I hope it gets better soon.

(I am Melissa's friend)

Leslie said...

Cute video.