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Monday, February 25, 2008

"This is the Best Day of my Life"

When mom is on spring break, life is a party. Last week I finished my maternity nursing class and next I have Pediatrics. This semester is the first to begin breaking up the nursing classes into seven week blocks, each having a six credit hour class. I love that because I think I can tolerate anything for seven weeks, and I only have one thing to concentrate on instead of spreading myself out over four or five classes. Anyway, the blocks are split between a week off, which is spring break. It is unfortunate that it doesn't correspond with the kids' spring break!
So this leads to Saturday. Ryan began the day snowmobiling up by Kamas. While he was gone, Ethan and Graham had friends over to play. When Ryan came home he took the boys and their friends swimming at the Rec Center. While they were gone I headed down to the little local Vietnamese shop for a Pedicure, not a care in the world! Everyone needs to recharge their batteries occasionally, whether it's through a couple hours of snowmobiling or an hour long pedicure.
When we all got back we took the boys to Chuck E Cheese, a slimy little place you may have heard of, which they think is the greatest thing in the world. The twins especially loved it this time, since they are finally getting old enough to appreciate arcade games and loved autonomy of having their own tokens to spend. When we were winding up the night Graham said, "This is the best day of my life!"
Boy, so easy to please! It reminds me how important it is though to enjoy family time together, and create good memories for your children, they grow so fast! Life is not always so extravagant, but we've got to enjoy the time while we have it...tonight we're going night skiing!


Melissa said...

Looks like a good time! I bet working with babies was so cool. Did you love it?
Have fun tongiht skiing.

angie said...

I think hearing that your kids appreciated and enjoyed the time spent together is extra special. I LOVE a good relaxing pedicure, too. Good luck in your next round.

Brooke said...

Why is it that the place the kids love the most is the place the adults hate the most. We used to love a place called Pinochio's in Colonial Square. It was just like Chuck-e-cheese. I remember wanting to go there all the time and we did love it.

I too love a good pedicure. Some say it's a waste of money, but not for me. To have someone rub my feet and legs for an hour and then paint my toes so the polish stays on for weeks is bliss...

Cute photos of the boys. I love it.

Kristin said...

Wo! Was that hooker red on your toes? Very nice. I love pedicures, glad you took some time for yourself. The block classes sound good, I agree, I'd like it better that way too. My kids love Chuck E. Cheese, and when we moved here, it was their biggest disappointment that the closest one, was back in Vegas! Ask Ryan about the pizza place we used to go to when we were kids, we begged to go, and I still remember the place. Kids are funny.

Leslie Nakaya said...

No "hooker" red, though maybe I'll try that next time...just pink, though they put a funny finish coat on it that changed the color.

Clark Captions said...

Wow Melissa! Love the toes! So glad you guys have been able to take some time out for yourselves and spend time with the family! It sounds like a great weekend! Good luck with school!!!

Brother "B" said...

Hey Melissa and Dru. You will be going back "home" on Friday - that will be a sad day for us and a happy day for the whanau back in the states.
I was really looking forward to seeing you in Hamilton in April at the CCNZ Reunion. But thats not to be. When our class gets together we will have a minutes silence in memory of you!!! hahahaha. You have always been special to me Melissa - one of my special students that came thru the art dept at church college. I immediately was impressed with your talent and dedication to your schooling and now can see it in your home making and motherly skills.You have obviously been well trained and guided thru out your life.
Take care as you travel back to Utah - but always remember - you are and will always be a kiwi girl and we love you for that. Keep in touch and God bless you all and keep you safe till you return to our special land - Aotea Roa - the home of your birth and where your whanau live.
Ka kite ano - arohanui oe.
Brother "B". cheers.