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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So we spent a week away, with Dru's family, at the Ranch House in Star Valley Wyoming. It's the same place that Dru worked on for about a year with his father and brother in law.
I must say it is just beautiful and was the perfect place for us to all be.
Everyone had their own rooms, which is a FIRST, and Dru and I got the master room, also a FIRST.
The bed we slept on was just as nice as the bed at home. So for the FIRST time we weren't craving our bed back home.
This is also the FIRST time Dru has slept there and never worked on it. He seemed to like it better that way he informed me.
Yuki started crawling for the FIRST time.
And it was the FIRST time she's taken a bath and not screamed the house down!
Masaru started riding his bike with no training wheels for the FIRST time.
I finished my FIRST quilt.
Now I have to dedicate this first quilt to my sister in laws Brooke and Kristin, cause without them this quilt would not be on my first lists. It would still be on the bench in the kitchen at home waiting to be finished. So thanks guys for helping me out. Ah they also helped me out with my dinner menu, so without them we wouldn't of had such a nice dinner that night. Soooooooooo thanks again. That isn't a FIRST. I think they're used to me being usless.
My other sister in law Leslie brought a book called "The Last Lecture" the the Ranch and so I read that as well. It was really good and I'm glad I read it. Plus it was an easy read but it made me feel good that I read a book while on holiday. So thanks Les.
Also a FIRST was GUITAR HERO. I can officially play songs on medium now and am horribly hooked to this game. So thanks Ethan for letting me play that probably more times than you have since you've had it.
For the majority of Dru's family it was a FIRST playing cricket.
We played tip and run, meaning if you hit it or tip it you have to run. It was exciting and the kids loved it.
It's still a little hard for everyone to bowl the ball though. They all want to just throw it. And everyone had to get used to keeping the bat on the ground by their feet.
It was the FIRST time I had driven a 4 wheeler. Which was just so much fun. I loved it. We went to the top of the mountain and the view was simply stunning. I'm so glad we had those.
It was also the FIRST time I had been to Jackson Hole.
I loved it there. I could've easily spent the entire day there shopping and looking and shopping some more. But we had to go and do a hike, which was just beautiful.
We hiked there and took the boat back.
Well a couple of us didn't take the boat back, right Ethan? But that's a story for another time. Maybe a post by his mum!! That was a FIRST for Ethan I'm sure.
We had dinner and listened to cowboys sing and play that night at a chuckwagon place. A FIRST for me. They were really good but alas it was a late show so we left before it had finished.
I ate pretty much whatever I wanted so I'm officially back to the gym and starving myself for little results again. LOL
It was a great week and I really enjoyed it and am grateful for Dru's family and the fun time we had. Especially for how much they helped with looking after Masaru.
Dru and I are on the village plan for parenting.
So thanks guys.
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Carrie said...

It sounds like a great week. Was the dinner show the "Bar J Wranglers"? Just curious. I've seen them a couple times and they are fantastic. I'm glad you finished the quilt. It looks great! I'm so glad you had fun.

pcso lotto said...

I could give my own opinion with your topic that is not boring for me.

Sarah said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the family time...and that everyone helped with the "village" raising plan! Congrats on all the fun firsts.

Kristin said...

Add to that, you're the FIRST to blog about it. I had to finish my book first. NOW, I can get on with life!

Celeste said...

Melissa, that sounds like such a riot! I love Jackson Hole, it's a fun little joint, huh? Congrats on the quilt (among other things) I don't think I'll ever try quilting again, actually, so I have mad respect for those who don't give up.

angie said...

Wow, that was a lot of fabulous FIRSTS! How did you manage the master suite since Dru is the youngest?

I love guitar hero too. I pretty much suck, but I can play on medium now which is progress. I love playing Miss Murder.

Can you believe that the days we were in SLC you were in WY? Talk about bad timing. Hope to see you in September though?

Laura said...

FUN! It really sounds like a great time. I am glad you finished your first quilt. I know how great that must feel. Yeah for Yuki for crawling and not bawling through her bath... she is so dang cute! Glad you are back. :*

Leslie said...

What a fun post! And yes, so many firsts for all of you guys! Did you mention Masaru and his bike? The best was Grandma asking him if he was going to go and ride it again and he said, "No, I already rode it." As though you can only do it once! What a good trip...

Tiffany said...

Love this post, Melissa--it made me cry (but at least I didn't cry in Wall-E). Great way to sum up what sounds like a great vacation.

Robyn said...

What a great week of "firsts". Glad you guys got away and had a great time!

Gunnisac Sandersons said...

Sounds like you had so much fun. I think it's very rare to find someone who is not addicted to Guitar hero! I've never played, but I am so sure that I would be addicted. I am so glad you had so much fun as a family!

Talbot Family said...

Holy Moley, that is a lot of FIRST'S. Sounds like more fun than I can even comprehend. A Ranch House!, my in-laws take us camping, in tents. I want to be a Nakaya.

Emily said...

Wow Melissa,
Congrats on so many FIRSTS, isn't life so wonderfully rewarding with all there is to experience and learn, and we're 30, so heck, there's so much more in store. Love the quilt, the memories sound awesome, I love Jackson hole too, we may have been to that same chuckwagon dinner before. Hazel finally stopped screaming in her baths too just a month or two ago, and started bum scooting as crawling, so looks like she and Yuki are partners in crime!