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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I was tagged by my mate, Laura, today, so here goes.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:

1. At University in New Zealand, training to be a teacher.
2. Subbing the WORST class I've ever had to overcome in my life.
3. Trying to get over my fathers passing away.
4. Organizing going on a mission for the church and whether or not I'd go.
5. Getting my heart ripped out by an old boyfriend, who met his wife a week after we broke up.
(Don't worry folks, turns out I didn't need him, cause some random dude in Utah out on his mission, at the time, was the one for me)

5 things on my 'to do' list:

1. Clean the bathrooms. (I hate this job)
2. Vacume the front room.
3. Make a nice dinner tonight.
4. Finish reading Jane Eyre
5. Finish my quilt

5 favourite snacks/food:

1. Kudos bars
2. Fruit
3. Good sandwich
4. Salmon
5. Fries

5 things I would do if I was a billionaire:

1. Pay for Dru's law school.
2. Give money to my family and help out friends with certain things.
3. Go to the church and see what I could do to help others around the world.
4. Knock down our house and buy Kimberly's off of her and Berdella's and build us a nice as house, just how we've dreamed of.
5. Try and hire a brainy as guy to invent teleporting so I didn't have to spend 12 hours on the plane visiting my family.

5 bad habits:

1. Putting my nail in between my teeth and clicking it. I never notice actually but periodically Dru will pull my hand out of my mouth.
2. Not cleaning the bathrooms enough.
3. Short temper with my kids.
4. Not reading the scriptures daily for half an hour.
5. Brushing Masaru's teeth every night.

5 Places I have lived:

1. Invercargill, South Island, New Zealand
2. Brisbane, Australia
3. Bountiful, Utah
4. Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand
5. Hamilton, North Island, New Zealand

5 people I tag:

1. Kayla
2. Mandi
3. Kristin
4. Ashley
5. Sarah. Nelson


Sarah said...

Ugh! I just read thru Laura's and thought I was "safe." I am not to "good" at following up with the tags...but I'll try to be good this time.

Laura said...

Jjajaja... Funny Sarah! I can't wait to see what you say.

Milz, I love your 10 years thing... I realized I was doing it wrong and had to go back... I did 5 years ago. Anyway... I just love you and think you are so flippin' funny. I love your snacks too.

Leslie said...

This covered a lot of ground and must have taken some thought! It's fun to get a glimpse into your past as well as how you see your life now. Ah, the things we could do if we were billionaires!!!

Clark Captions said...

How fun Melissa! It's great to get to know you better!

Kristin said...

Who is Kimberly, and why don't you just move into her house, why tear down yours? And I'm not doing it. Sorry, I hate these tags.

Robyn said...

I loved seeing what you would do with your billions. Your lists were awesome.

Brother "BV" said...

Hi Melissa. Guess you are back home again and back into the swing of motherhood and domestic duties. The Reunion was totally awesome - the choirs, kapahaka groups, varitey shows all totally out of this world. Such talented people these Mormons!
Life is still good up here in the NT. Luckily its still hot and sunny and good for getting outside in the garden. Miss you all heaps and always think of those 7th form art class days!
Take care and love you all. Brother B.

Gunnisac Sandersons said...

Did you and your brother serve in the same mission? You have lived in some pretty cool places.