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Monday, May 19, 2008


So this is me and my friend Jessie, who also happens to be my brothers girlfriend. (hopefully soon to be wife) Come on Haydn I had to take the dig.
Anyway she was staying with some friends in Layton and I picked her up on Tuesday, right after my black eye fiasco!! Literally, my head was still bleeding LOL
So we spent from Tuesday till Saturday together.
It was a wonderful time.
She got all this material from a place in Salt Lake, some garden village place, is that right? Anyway all these scrap pieces of material. So she could make a quilt.
So we had this vision and decided to just go for it.
We went into Welfare Square and the missionary happened to love making quilts and we told her what we were doing and she stared at us and said "You can't do that, it's only your first time"
Jessie and I looked at each other and starting laughing cause we just assumed it'd be easy.

Ahhhhhhhh turns out making a quilt takes A LOT of time and effort. We were cutting out the material just with my kitchen sissors. Then when Jessie was getting *carple tunnel I rang a friend in the ward and go some MATERIAL CUTTING SISSORS.
Oh my goodness WHO INVENTED THOSE. Man they were the best thing ever. So we glided throught he rest of the peices of material.
Then we went to Joan's for some more material and those ladies listened to our ideas and gave us some GREAT ideas. I just don't know who comes up with this stuff. It's brilliant!!

ANYWAY we're not finished but here it is so far.
Jessie left it with me so I could finish it and I"m really excited. I've never done anything like this before because I don't trust myself. I'm very...............relaxed about things I guess it is and I think when your'e making a quilt you need to be more precise!
So we'll see how it goes.
Thanks to Jessie for getting us started on it. We'll see where I end up with it.
It was a great week of shopping, talking, hanging out, laughing.
Turns out Jessies favourtie colours are grey, pink and peach.
Something you learn after 7 hours of park city shopping!!!
I had a great time and now my house is a disaster and I need to get back on track this week.
Funs over people!!

*I'm pretty sure that this is spelt wrong, but if you've already noticed my spelling isn't my strong point, plus words in NZ are spelt different and I just can't keep up with it all.
So feel free to enlighten me of the correct spelling of this word!


Tiffany said...

The quilt looks very cute. Let me know if you need any help. My one piece of advice would be to keep working on it. Don't set it aside, because you'll never get back to it. As Zeke reminded me this morning, I still haven't finished our duvet cover.

Laura said...

I love the quilt so far. That is an ambitious project. Good Luck as you continue to work on it. It looks so good!!! You go girl!

angie said...

You've got to start somewhere! Those cutters are awesome, aren't they? Did you also borrow one of those non-slide boards? I was pretty impressed with my one and only patchwork "masterpiece" (ha ha) until I saw Brookes work. She has some serious she has some tips, too, although it looks like you are doing an amazing job!

Leslie said...

I embarked on my first quilt last summer for a friend's baby in my ward. I was throwing her a shower at my house and it needed to be done before the shower. Needless to say, it was more ambitious than I thought and I had to get it ready in just a couple of days! I'm glad though, otherwise I probably would have gotten frustrated and set it aside to be forgotten. Good luck, it is a great thing to learn.

Gunnisac Sandersons said...

Sounds like loads of fun! I love the heart in the quilt. Very cute! I will never be able to correct your spelling, not my strong skill either. I'm glad you had a fun week and let your house go. You deserve it!

Kristin said...

Looks good. Why didn't she take it with her? It will cost you a fortune to mail.

Colleen said...

My mother in law is trying to teach me to sew and I just laugh since the serger?? eats my creations everytime!! Dru inquired of the Hinckley challenge on my blog so just go to and it will explain everything.

Sarah said...

My favorite part is the large heart in the middle. Stick with it. It is looking good.

Katie M said...

Hey the quilt looks great! I really like it and love the heart in the middle. You're so cute!!!
I'm glad that you had a good time. Your week sounded busy man with all the fun things you did. Fun fun fun! I'll give you a call this week! Love you!


Gunnisac Sandersons said...

You crack me up! This is for my blog comment that you made, but I was laughing so hard. Thanks for cheering me up!

Matty said...

Man why is everyone talking about the quilt that chick is hott! Shame she is so comitted to your Brother or I would ask for her number. Nice work Haydn, watch your back. Can't believe I only just discovered your blogspot Milz great way to keep in with the Nakaya News.
Lots of Love your long lost friend Matthew :)

Jessie said...

Woohoo a blog named after me. Who's this Matty fella?
tell him to stay away.
Anyway this is more a comment for Kristin......Melissa practically begged me to keep this quilt and we are doing a swap for Vegemite! She is far more talented at this sort of thing than I am.
Thanks for all the fun I had in Utah can't wait to come back sometime,
Lots of Love Jessie xx

Clark Captions said...

Way to go Melissa! Things like that just absolutely scare me! I'd rather go run 13 miles before picking up a project like that, so I am very impressed! Good luck!

Emily said...

Ew, welcome to the world of quilting, I happen to love it, come do it with me anytime, or I with you!