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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Back into the groove!!

This picture is taken on a swing bridge in a little town called Arapuni. It going over the dam there. It's the biggest swing bridge I've ever been on. The river is a L O N G way down too.
Anyway.............. things are going well. Everything is all unpacked and the house is looking great, if I do say so myself.
I'm kinda on this new kick of getting up in the mornings and going to the gym, coming home and having a shower and actually getting dressed before my kids are even up!!
It's pretty nice. I just have to make sure I get to bed earlier. Sometimes if the kids are sleeping I can get a chance to do other stuff like read, or tidy. But they've been getting up around 7:30ish. For the first few days they were getting up at like 9am or 10. Man I was loving it. But alas, that is no more!!
We still haven't heard from the other 4 schools, seriously how hard is it to post out a letter with a no or a yes on it. There can't be that many applicants can there? Who knows. But when we'll know.
So looks like Idaho it is.
We're going on a Moab trip this weekend so we're getting all the cars registered and insured. So I"ve been extra careful on the road since it's been SNOWING!!!
So whatever happend to my 3 summers in a row? I'm just glad Dru got the furnace working right and it's toasty, well for us at least. I've come to discover that our idea of toasty is a little different from others.
So I've been cooking every night and getting things done. In NZ I promised myself when I got back to my own house and had control over things, that I'd start doing things a little different.
So so far so good.
I weighed in at weight watchers on Saturday and was horrified. Sorry people I'm not going to reveal the outcome but it was bad.
So I"m sick of being fat..............hence the weight watchers. Hopefully in a few months I'll be looking slightly different and feeling great.
I really do love working out. Also at the gym they have these theartre rooms so I can watch a movie and work out. I love it.
So far I"ve watched "The Prince and me" "Star Wars" "Bruce Almighty" "Pirates of the Carrabian" Ah I think I spelt that wrong. Anyway I motivates me to work out and I even sometimes wanna work out longer to see more of the movie!!
Dru and I went to the temple for the first time in WHO KNOWS WHEN, last night. We did family names. It was really special. I was the only one there so it was even better.
I love the temple. I don't know why I don't go more. I guess life gets buzy.
Anyway it was wonderful and we have Shauna to thank for taking care of the kids. I'm sure she was happy the house was tidy and somewhat warm. (Her two complaints) LOL
I'm still trying to get Masaru's potty training back on track. He hasn't worn a nappy since being home and he's doing ok. A few accidents. Do they ever stop having accidents?
We still need to get our taxes done and then we can start figuring out how to get money for school.


Brooke said...

Sounds like things are really good. Good luck with the taxes. Hope everything falls into place in the next few weeks.

angie said...

Accidents? I think it depends on the child. I have two that literally had one accident once they were potty trained and another one that still has issues at night.....I'm glad you are back in the groove. I'm surprised your idea of "toasty" is cold since you were raised in a warm climate. I'm impressed that you LIKE to work out and that you MAKE the time to work out when you could be sleeping. I'm the queen of making excuses about why I can't work out. Being in your own home should help a ton. I finally got serious about losing all my "baby" weight in January, and it was really hard to eat the way I need to while we were on much easier to be able to control more variables that go along with being healthy. Every time I go the temple I wonder why I don't go more often, too. Especially when I have one so close......I guess it's all about priorities. Hope those letters come soon. The waiting is the pits. Fingers still crossed....what schools are you still waiting on?

Kristin said...

thanks for doing the names, we're on to endowments now right?
Yeah, accidents, Luke never had one, Tess had a million. Every kid is different. I'm impressed with your routine, it sounds great. Wish I could work out to movies, ah no, I still wouldn't go. Good Luck! See you in Moab!

Melissa said...

We're still waiting on BYU, UNLV, Wyoming and Willimate (Oregon). If they all said yes we'd go to BYU. The chances of them saying yes though are slim to none since the U said no and BYU is a better law school.
If UNLV (Vegas) said yes we'd consider going there since they're close and the living is reasonable.

Leslie said...

Good luck with all your goals and I hope the waiting ends soon!

Clark Captions said...

Melissa! Look at you! I am so glad things are going well, and it sounds like you are in a great groove with your health and the house. Way to go! So glad you were able to get to the Temple. That is always a great place to be. Good luck with everything you guys have going, and I hope that Idaho works out for you. You are always in our thoughts and prayers! Watch a movie for me! Love, Stacey

Talbot Family said...

I believe the gym and scale to be tools of the devil. They only make you feel worse about yourself. Seriously, if I want to hate myself all I have to do is weigh in or workout next to some hard body. That is why I run outside. Fresh air, no hard bodies, nature rejuvenating my soul, good tunes, and an endless supply of gum. I know it doesn't work for everyone, but I too am tired of being fat. I am not sure if I will ever beat this life long battle, but I do feel much healthier right now. I commend you on getting up and going, it is so hard to motivate myself, but you just have to do it. Plus, you are beautiful no matter what size, and I am pretty sure your hubby loves you no matter what. Good luck with school aaaagh the stress.