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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We're home!!

Well we surprized everyone back in the U.S.A of our coming home 6 weeks early. It was pretty funny actually. Dru called from San. Fran. and his father answered and while they were talking asked "So what are the chances of you coming home early?" Dru had this big grin on his face and proceeded to tell his father that we were on American soil and if he could pick us up in a couple of hours.
Shauna and Mas picked us up and Shauna announced that was the best phone call she's had in a long time. It was pretty cute. It's always nice to know you're wanted.
We arrived home on the 21st of March.
That morning in NZ we had an easter egg hunt with the cuzzies before we left. It was really fun. I left a bucket with one chocolate easter bunny in it. Masaru ran out in the morning all excited as well as the others.
I told them the bunny had left me this note with clues to the other eggs and they needed to listen to the rules and clues. They had the funnest time. Running here, there and everywhere to receive the eggs.
Our house was tidy when we cam home to Utah and then a bomb exploaded in our luggage and now I'm only getting on top of it and it's Wednesday!!
Thankfully Dru's parents fed us the whole weekend since we had zero food in the house. It was a nice easter weekend.
We had a warm reception at church that Sunday. We never did make it to our classes!! We made it to sacrament though. It was nice to be greeted so well there too.
We decided to come home because we have a lot of think about and do. We're probably going to go to Idaho law school so I need to slowly but surely start packing the house into apartment size again, (does anyone else think this is a step back?) Don't mention that to Dru.
We need to figure out how to pay for law school. So we've got a lot of research and praying to do as well as still needing to hear from 4 more schools.
The UofU said no. So we're pretty bummed about that.
We prayed about the decision to come back to Utah and recieved a yes. So it made it easier for me to leave. Although I cried on the plane uncontrolably for about half an hour.
It wasn't straight away either. It was about 6 hours into the flight. Weird!
So we're leaving summer only to come into summer here. Three summers in a row. I kinda feel bad for Yuki as I think this winter she'll freeze like a cute little popsicle.
It's nice to be in my own bed, it's nice to be in my own house but I miss my family and the free medical care and all the good food and people.
I'm completely torn between two countries. It's kinda sad but what do you do?
I think out of everything I know I'm meant to be where Dru is and at the end of the day it's here in Utah for now.
Ok I think this post is pretty random with my thoughts and writings so I'll cut it off here.


angie said...

Wow! What wonderful news for the Nakayas. I can only imagine how excited they must have been. To put a positive spin on downsizing, at least you'll have the opportunity to purge things that you didn't need anyway. You'll adapt and do well no matter where you are, as long as you're with your Dru and the kids. At least I think so. Good luck with all that is to come. When we moved to MA it was very last minute and unexpected as we were planning on staying here, and in the end, I think moving to MA was one of the best things to ever happen for our family. Happy Late Easter.

Brooke said...

We are really happy you are home. I can't wait to come and see you, but mostly the kids as I know they are the ones that change the most. Good luck with school stuff.

Colleen said...

Glad you guys are back!! I hope you guys stick around for awhile and that your brother can come and visit. I know my mom adored him and would love to see him again.

Leslie Nakaya said...

You guys have a lot going on in your lives so being back may help you organize and prepare. We are glad you are back. Still, I can't imagine how hard it is to leave the place you've called home your whole life. Moving into the next phase may be tough but it will also be exciting. Like Angie and Jeff, when we moved to WI we had only a month and a half to prepare, plan, and pack. It felt like such an adventure as we prepared to get into the moving truck and drive half way across the country! It was a great experience for us as individuals, as a couple, and as a family. We grew together and evolved in so many positive ways. We know that you will make the right decisions for your family and things will all work out for your growth. We're glad you made it back safely and could arrive for Easter...Fun!!

Laura said...

I am SO glad you guys are back. Let the summer activities begin... wait why is it snowing?

Carrie said...

Hey, welcome back! I hope you hear from more schools soon! Bummer that you might move again however!

Clark Captions said...

Oh Melissa! We are so glad you are back, but I completely feel for you in leaving your family. I am sure you are going through so much emotionally, and you guys really do have a lot of serious decisions to make! Wow! A lot on your plate right now! We will keep you in our prayers, and wish you guys the best in all that you do! Your little kiddies are beautiful, and we are so glad you are back. Can't wait until our next family get together to get caught up!

Talbot Family said...

We were so very happy to see you were home. You are super family! My best friends husband is in Law School at SMU in Texas. They love it. They bought a house while she worked for a year and then he was able to get a job in his field of study his 2nd year there. The great thing about Texas is the real estate is much less because of the cheap labor I suppose. At any rate, their house it like 1500sq. feet, not huge but big enough. They love their program and he has seen a lot of success with a pretty much guarenteed job upon graduation through networking in the program. They have a little girl who will be 2 in Dec. They love it and are super happy. I am sure that you will be blessed just like they have been. Maybe you'll want to look into SMU (Southern Methodist University). Big decisions, good luck. For the meantime though, we are just happy to have you back.

Kristin said...

Yeah, sad, but happy, what do you do? Life is just a rollercoaster sometimes. When Chris and I went to NM, it was so good for our marriage, I think it will be great for you. Wish I could say we'll visit, but...not likely. Awww, it's only 3 years!