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Friday, February 8, 2008

Naked Pig Hunting

Sorry about last weekend and not posting. We had a buzy weekend as we shifted into my sisters house. We loved the freedom at Llewellyn's and when he came home Sarah offered us to stay with her for free if I look after her kids when she needs it. So we took her up on her offer and moved in last weekend. We couldn't keep up with the payments mum was asking for at her house so decided to move out. So there's 5 kids under 5 at the Hulme household! So needs to say, the house is somewhat chaotic sometimes. But we're having fun and so far so good. It's been a week today and everyone seems to be happy with the arrangement. So we'll see how it all goes.
While we were staying at Llewellyn's we had to feed the pig he has in the back. Now Llewellyn got a free pig from a mate so he can feed it, let it grow, and have some ham this Christmas. So it's very important that the pig gets fed. So Bevin decided to clean out it's pen and Masaru just had to look, even if it means being naked. I thought it was a great shot!
On Feb 2nd Yuki did her official roll from back to front and front to back. There's no stopping her now. She's rockn and rollin all over the show. So now changing her nappy is a little harder. She chooses to sleep on her tummy 50% of the time now but sometimes gets frustrated being on her tummy still and we try to teach her she can just roll back!! She'll get it soon enough.
Masaru started kindy again and is loving it!! He's done 2 paintings so far, none on his face though Leslie!!
Dru got put on the wait list at Seattle University. So hurray for us. They'll get back to him soon if they want him. They haven't finished going through all the applicants. So they might get through and decide the do want him or we could get a call up latter on when their seats don't get filled. So we'll see. So so far 3 out of 3. 7 more schools to hear from. Looks like 2008 is our year for a lot of reasons.
The weather is beautiful and we're off today to do some climbing and swimming in Taupo at a beautiful spot Delwyn thinks he found. So I'll take some shots and we'll find out.
Love you guys
Dru Nakaya Clan


Leslie Nakaya said...

Boy, that baby is all EYES! She looks like a little china doll white her huge blue eyes and porcelain skin. The shot of Masaru is great, you'll have to save that for the wedding album or some other embarrassing event. I hope things work out well at Sarah's. Congrats again on the law school reports...sounds like this will be the year!

Brooke said...

Hey, nice picture of the nako boy! Love those little butts. Sounds like things will work out ok at Sarah's. I'm sure it's a house full, but the kids have fun I'm sure.
We are all heading to the cabin next week. Sure wish you were going to be there. I miss you all.

angie said...

The kids are soooooo cute. I love the naked pig hunting......will this be a daily tradition? :) It does sound like 2008 is your year.

Sara Adams said...

The naked pig hunting pictures are so cute! Love them.

Mandi Lloyd said...

Hey, we miss you guys. That's awsome about the school acceptances for Dru. Hope you go to Seattle because we are up there a lot and could visit. The kids are so cute and big. 6 more weeks until our little one is here.

Colleen said...

Your kids are absolutely darling. My mom sure misses your brother. I am so glad that you are able to be with your family and to spend some time with them. Hope you are doing well.

Laura Trevino said...

I loved to see that update from you guys. I can't believe Yuki Mei is getting so big! She is beautiful. Can't wait to see you guys again soon! Hope the whole Law School things pans out soon. Best of Luck!!!

Clark Captions said...

Melissa! Your kids are absolutely beautiful! I love your updates and look forward to more!