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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Here we come Ashton. The Cabin winter trip was a success. The sleds all worked great. Not one broke down and we all had a great time. The snow was deeper than we had ever seen it. The kids loved it there and they didn't even play with their game boys, or watch too many movies. It was a wonderful escape from the 70's we have been having in LA.

The last day at the cabin is always the most beautiful. We had such a wonderful time there. Thanks mom and dad. While there we picked apart the cabin, made a rough sketch of the cabin we would build for the family. Complete with family suites and a grandma and grandpa suite on the main floor. It would be fun to have, so when someone runs into a lot of money we will have a grand place to visit when ever we want. We went on a snow mobile ride to Cave Falls, sledding with shuttle service to the top of the hill, and rides for the kids through the potato fields. Lots of reading for work was done by Bjorn, but we were happy to have him come at the last min. Leslie got a touch of chest congestion and had to go visit the doctor to get an inhaler. The fireplace wasn't drafting and the smoke inside the cabin was great making her problem even worse. It smelled like we were all camping. Ryan and Dad tried, unsuccessfully, to get the flue cleaned out, but in the end we ended up just not burning anymore and used the heaters for the last day and a half. It was a great trip!

Myles was learning how jump in Leslie's johnny jump up. All the kids would surround him and pull on the rope. I think he was slightly overwhelmed at first, but he liked it as long as there were people around.

The last day Myles enjoyed sledding with Tate and Kate who were outside for hours in the snow. They stayed outside even after all the other kids had come inside. They were sledding down the driveway while waiting for the "daddy's" to come back from their ride. As long as they were outside they were assured the first ride.

While driving to town we saw the dog sled race. It was kinda far away and my camera doesn't have a very powerful zoom, but you get the idea. It was fun to see all the same. The only sad part was right after we saw the sled dogs we saw a dog get hit and killed by a passing truck.


angie said...

I'm so envious of your family vacations. Looks like so much fun.

Leslie Nakaya said...

You're right Brooke, it was a good trip and a nice getaway, even with bronchitis or whatever I've had. Thanks Mas and Shauna for arranging it. Thanks Brooke for posting the pics!

Melissa said...

Well it sounds like an interesting cabin trip to say the least!! I'm glad the kids had fun. Glad to hear they didn't play their playstations much. Cool pic's as well. And I'm really sad to hear about that dog getting run over. That's horrible!!
I think Yuki would love the jumper as well. We just don't have one here. I guess her first turn will be in May when she's 8 months.
Myles is cute. I can't wait to see him at our 'summer' cabin trip. At least at that trip there won't be a smoky smell!!
Dru and Ryan have already told me their cabin plans more times than I care to tell. I think it's great but we need some serious money. No who's going to pony up with it?
I miss you Brooke.

Kristin said...

Looks like fun. Didn't hear about the dog. Too bad. Sorry Chris was such a booger about bedtimes. Any vacation without mom is TRULY a vacation!