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Monday, January 28, 2008

A few more pictures of the Milo

I'm learning to smile for the camera

Sometimes I just need a little "smooch" fron my mommy

I'm just too Cute!
My girlfriend Angela took these cute photos of Milo the other day just as we dropped over for a second. I just love the one of him smiling. He's getting so big and getting so fun. He's grabbing for things, and holding on to toys, he's "talking" a lot more too. Time is going way too fast.


angie said...

What great photos, Brooke. He's growing so quickly.

Leslie Nakaya said...

Milo??? Who is that? J/K, love the photos.

Colleen said...


He is so absolutely gorgeous! I just love the pictures. They definitely grow fast so hold onto every moment!!

Melissa said...

I don't understand? Am I out of the loop? Milo?
I can't wait to see him again?

Kristin said...

Darling. So cute. Changing every day. Are you starting again in March?

Clark Captions said...

Sooo darling Brooke! Don't blink and cherish every moment....The ride just goes faster and faster the busier they get, and time really does fly!