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Monday, July 23, 2007

Crazy Kid

Well here's a couple of pic's of Masaru. One is of a trip to the demolition derby the other Saturday. He had to bring every single toy in his bed with him. He held onto those for about the whole way. I had to get a pic. cause it was so crazy.
This other pic. is of today. We went to the Expo Centre to see all the 24th of July floats and he got a balloon sword and this is how far the face painting got!!! She was able to put one swipe on him then he said "No" and was outter here. He was going to be a pirate. So much for that. I guess face painting comes at a later age!!!


Brooke said...

I've never met a kid who loved his stuffed animals sooooo much. I think that is a great photo. As far as the face paining thing goes, hey if he doesn't think that it's cool, that's better for you. Less mess to deal with later. Cute post

angie said...

He looks like a perfect mix of you and Dru in the face painting picture.