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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The birthday Luaua

Tess' birthday was a smash with lots of friends, family and fun. We limbo-ed, hula hooped, and had snow cones (thanks Dru) The loudest aloha shirt contest was a flop, not much choice here in Cedar, whatever the DI has, you know. Joey said my mu'u mu'u was for 50+year olds, and I thought I was looking so hawaiian. Oh well. It was fun, if it becomes a yearly tradition, we'll have to spring for some tiki torches!


angie said...

Happy Birthday Tess! The party looks like so much fun, and everyone looks so happy. I love that in the picture of Chris doing whatever he's doing (I forgot the name) one can see you in the background laughing. Is that your fabulous backyard with tons of grass? I've never seen Luaua spelled that it because the party was for a girl?

Brooke said...

Hey you got it to work! Yea...I can't wait to start seeing more post from everyone. It was a really great party, glad we could come.