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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Week 4

Well we're in week four already and I can't believe it. Yuki is growing like a weed but doing well. Here's a few of the latest, as promised. I think she's changing so much and starting to get her own look you know. She has plenty of people to keep her company and hold her. So that's a huge help for me. Dru's really good with her and Haydn is getting pretty good. Good practice for him I guess aye. He's got another date this weekend with the same girl.
Here are some other pic's of Masaru putting up Grandma's Christmas Tree for the season. He started off well and then died out. So we put a movie on and these next pic's are what he decided to do with his time. This is a nutella type spread. So he decided it was time to have a little snack while watching his Japanese films. What a mess. I hope that gets out of his T-Shirt!!!
We had a Christmas work 'do' for Dru's job. We turned up and everyone was drinking and smoking lol I need to get back into the grove of normal life outside of Utah. Everyone was really nice and loved the kids. Masaru had a great time drawing on the concrete with chalk all night and eating when he felt like it.
Man NZ really knows how to put on a BBQ that's for sure. No shortage of good meat. It was nice to meet all of Dru's work mates. They all seem to love Dru.
Masaru stayed the night at Llewellyn's last night. So I'll see how that went some time this morning when he drops him off. He has kindy today so he'll love that.
He's doing really well in Nursury. Yesterday at church he packed a sad because he wanted to go to nursury and not sacrament. He really loves this lady in there called Auntie Mata. I think that's why he loves Nursury, because of her. He's getting better and better at leaving us. I think it's a relief.
Season of Christmas. Last night we were coming home and we saw a house done up for Christmas. It was like the houses back in Utah. I'll get a pic for next week. I'll miss the smells and how much people get into it in Utah but I'll be alright. We're thinking of going to the lake and kiaking and playing cricket and having a picnic Christmas afternoon. Now that's something you couldn't do with the snow! LOL
Have a great week.
Dru Nakaya Clan


angie said...

Is this code for figure it out yourself? j/k Yuki has grown so much. She looks really healthy and happy! :)

Melissa said...

I don't understand? Figure what out yourself?

Brooke said...

Thanks for the update. The kids look great. Especially Yuki. She looks like she is getting really big too. Myles and Yuki will look so different at their second meeting. You would never know they were the same two kids on Grandmas couch in October. Keep the posts coming. I love to hear about your adventures.

angie said...

on my computer the writing is in symbols, not letters so I can't read the words.

Melissa said...

Oh no. It's in english on my one. I think on Brooke's too. Sorry Angie. That's no fun.

Kristin said...

CUTE kids!

Leslie said...

The kids look great...this year's Christmas will certainly be different than last...and probably all for Dru! Hope is happy and fun.