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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Parties

Here's our first Christmas party that we went to. Sarah, my sister, her husband invited us to his work do. It was amazing. They had a huge BBQ and a waterslide, bouncy castle, 4 wheelers, horses to ride, free Mr. Whippy ice creams, free candy floss, rides on old vintage cars, a clown with tricks and balloons, Santa.
It was funny because Santa came in at the end in a vintage car and the kids took one look and started chasing him around the field. It was the funniest thing ever. Masaru just ran after his cousins yelling 'Santa, Santa, Santa!'. He stopped and threw out lollies for them.
Masaru got a gift and had the best time ever. It was a lot of fun. I dressed Yuki up in her Christmas dress she got from a friend.
Here's pic's of my brother, Bevin, taking Masaru and Elise down the slide. They loved it and had so much fun. It had a hose at the top squirting water and dishsoap out constantly. I'll have to remember it for the next ward party in Utah!!! We've got a great hill that we could do it on!!
Again Bevin and Masaru on the 4 wheeler having fun.
And last but not least Masaru having fun on the bouncy castle. When I got this shot I was laughing out loud for ages. Actually I still laugh out loud now when I look at it. I forgot his swimming togs and so he had to wear his shorts on the slide, then he wanted to go on the bouncy castle and his pants were wet and so didn't stay on him properly! Classic!
He also went on the back of a vintage car, while it raced around the paddock and down the hills and around the trees. Probably one of the first times he's been allowed to hop in the back part of a truck and ride around.
We also had the ward Christmas party on Friday night. It was suppose to start at 6pm and started at 7:30pm. Welcome home to NZ!! Where we think an hour and a half later is fair in our country lol. My mum ended up going home. I didn't turn up till 7:15 though so it was perfect timing lol. The feed there was MASSIVE and there were items done.
Masaru got to hear the polynesian drums for the first time. They're so loud and mesmorising he just sat there and stared in amazment.
Yuki slept through it!! Who knows how she did that, but it was good for us.
Yesterday Dru and Llewellyn and I did some painting and odd jobs around his house. Llewellyn has big plans this summer for his house since Dru's home for 6 months. So by the time we leave it'll be looking great.
Things are going well. Masaru has his kindy Christmas party on Tuesday so I'll take some pic's there and it's Elise's and Tomomi's birthday as well.
It's a tough time of year for me to be trying to loose weight. So far I'm loosing nothing except the battle LOL.


angie said...

Love the last line about your battle. Year round seems to be a problem for me. ha ha. But

I can't get over the summer-time-ish Christmas party pictures.

Brooke said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful time. I love the picture of Yuki Mei in her flower clothes I gave her. She is beautiful and I can't believe how big she is getting. Her cheeks are starting to stick out farther than her cute!

We still need to find a Santa for Myles 1st Santa picture. Maybe next weekend. Loves

Kristin said...

candy floss, paddock, swimming togs. I get it, but those are the words we don't really use. (since you asked.)

Melissa said...

Hmmmm ok so Dru told me the other day candy floss is cotton candy are swimming togs swimming trunks? Paddock? What would you call a paddock? Like where sheep hang out and eat grass?

Jord said...

Just wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas and tell you I really enjoyed seeing all your families on the blog. I hope you are all well! Love and miss you all. Jordan Wallin

p.s. see some of Cianne's work at:

Emily said...

Well, you look like you are in a fun fantasy land, I love the cracked up picture of Masaru, what exactly is a 'kindy' party? It sounds like its been a dream and a blast being home!