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Thursday, September 6, 2007

37 Weeks Pregnant!!

Well this is me 37 weeks pregnant. I'm really relying on the fact that no ones husbands look at this site, as I think this is far to much information for them to take in!!!
I'm having her on the 21st at 7:30am so if you're up have a moments silence for me and hope that the pain pills are great! And she's beautiful enough for me to not care too much about the pain Lol.
I thought I'd add this last pic of me and Dru in as this is the story or our whole marriage. Me wide awake and Dru sleeping. Mostly sleeping while I'm trying to talk to him lol. I've got about 3 minutes when we hop in bed and that's it, so I have to really think about what's important enough to fit in those 3 minutes and mostly it's just getting the prayer said Lol. You would think it would be me sleeping on him. I guess it doesn't help that his machine is in the shop getting fixed and so his sleep isn't good sleep. Plus just how busy he is. Study, organizing church activities, giving construction help to needy neighbours who are stressed out, oh yeah and maybe seeing his son and wife for a few minutes a day. I'm hoping that all this counts towards blessings enough for him to pass the L-Sat exam with enough for him to finally get in!!! Fingers crossed. September is a busy month for the Dru Nakaya family.


Kristin said...

You look great, I don't see any stretch marks, so that's a good thing. Sorry Dru is always so tired, maybe law school will actually be easier for you guys!

Brooke said...

You look wonderful! Good luck on the c-section. I will be thinking about you. Hoping that everything is going well.

angie said...

Good luck on the 21st......I don't envy you the C-Section. Wishing you a quick recovery and all the joys that new babies bring.